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$60/60 min $70/75, $80/90 min,$115/2 hours


I offer Emotional Healing, Body Trauma Release, Prenatal Care, Pain & Injury Care, Sports Massage, Hot Stone, Structural Balancing, and Relaxation.

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The following is a dialog from the Owner, Michael "Mitch" Jamison. Some comments or feelings are his alone and you are welcome to have specific questions answered.

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What can I expect from my massage?

Your session will begin by your therapist giving you an intake form and asking you about your reasons for getting a massage, your current physical condition, brief medical history, lifestyle and stress level, and any areas of pain.

You'll be asked to undress in private. You may also choose to stay fully clothed. Generally men completely disrobe and are given a towel to use; however, women are given a sheet and towel for cover. Then, lying down on a comfortably padded massage table, you'll drape yourself with covering provided. Women who receive a massage can expect that only the part of the body being worked on will be uncovered, and your modesty respected.

You can expect a peaceful and comfortable environment for the massage. For the period of time agreed upon you'll have the unique experience of having all your muscles kneaded in a full-body massage, or only in specific areas in the case of a session oriented to localized injury, pain or tightness, or sports readiness.

In conclusion, a well-trained Massage Therapist should not only apply a variety of techniques to address your particular needs, but, exude a calm, respectful, non judgmental demeanor to allow a sense of trust to develop between client and therapist.

How much will it cost?

I prefer to do at least 75 minutes becuase I don't feel I can do an adequate massage in one hour. The standard charge for massage is $60 for 60 minutes $70 for 75 minutes and $80 for 90 minutes. 2 hours @ $115.00. Tips are optional.

Will it hurt?

If done correctly, massage should not hurt. Some clients think massage has to hurt in order to do any good; I encourage those people to go somewhere else. I have had success working on many people with the approach that less is more. You are welcome to request more pressure, but I do not use elbows at all.

Can massage help heal my injury?

Yes, but you cannot expect instant results. Just touch alone can encourage the natural energy pathways to open and allow the body to self heal. Generally, when we experience pain and injury, the body needs to be stimulated to heal. Doing nothing is the least effective way to affect healing.




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